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RMG Abogados offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging service in all legal areas of law. In addition, we provide legal and financial advice and assistance in property administration.


Questions of Interest

What does motor vehicle insurance and road traffic law refer to?

This regulation requires the adaptation of compulsory motor insurance cover to the territorial scope of the Member States, and the compulsory taking out of civil liability insurance covering both personal injury and damage to property. 

What kind of medical/health care assumptions constitute negligence?

Errors in diagnosis in the field of traumatology or in treatments or surgical interventions, delays in diagnosis, lack of informed consent, hospital-acquired infections or lack of patient follow-up may be considered as negligence.

What services does property management cover?

This area includes the preparation of accounts, control of delinquency, preventive and corrective maintenance, legal advice on Horizontal Property, management of loans and various formalities such as bylaws, insurance policies and change of direct debiting of bills.

What aspects are dealt with in real estate law?

This branch of law covers the regulation of rights in rem over real estate, the purchase and sale of real estate, the establishment and administration of a community of owners, the registration of owners, transfers and rights over real estate, as well as other real estate transactions.

What are the procedures handled by banking law?

This modality is in charge of verifying that all the requirements made by a bank regarding the use of its products or services are in order, that the banking practices are carried out correctly and that the laws that protect the citizen in this activity are known and applied

To which areas does family law apply?

This branch regulates marriage and crisis situations such as nullity and separation, matrimonial and extramarital filiation and parental authority, as well as cases of guardianship and protection of minors or incapacitated persons not subject to parental authority.


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